NEW Policies for COVID-19

COVID-19 Updated Policy

We can all do our part to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Please read below to see how Tailwinds Therapy has adjusted our practices to reduce the risk of transmission.


Clients interested in participating in office based sessions are advised to inform themselves about the possible risks involved in social interactions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tailwinds Therapy encourages any client with concerns for becoming infected with COVID-19 to continue their services via tele-health (online) services or to pause services to be resumed at a later time.

While Tailwinds Therapy is diligent about taking steps necessary to reduce transmission, they are not infallible. It is assumed that clients opting for in-office sessions are resuming face to face sessions at their own risk and Tailwinds Therapy will not be held liable for any medical, psychological, or physical damages experienced by a client who has opted for face to face instead of tele-health services.

Exposure Policy:

I am requiring any client who has been ill or exposed to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, body aches, etc) in the last 2 weeks to request online sessions to avoid any risk of transmission. I will also cancel, reschedule, or offer online sessions if I were to become ill.

What are the symptoms?

COVID-19 is a contagious upper-respiratory virus with symptoms of cough, fever, body aches, headache, fatigue, and changes in taste/smell. COVID-19 can result in death or major illness and clients are encouraged to educate themselves about possible risks through speaking with medical providers and reliable sources.

You can learn more here.

What are you doing to help lower transmission?

I am a relatively low traffic office and I am practicing health protocols as advised by the CDC (see here).

I am cleaning/disinfecting regularly and offer online services so that anyone who has been ill or exposed to someone ill does not need to come into the office to continue their services. Staying home when you are ill is the best way to avoid transmission.

I have hand sanitizer in the office and there is a restroom at the end of the hall if you would like to wash your hands before or after a session.

Online sessions are available to ALL clients and clients are not obligated to choose between face to face or online. Sessions can be adjusted as needed based on client request or changes in health status of the client or clinician.

Equine sessions allow for social distancing and masks are not required.