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Tailwinds Therapy Manifesto

Here at Tailwinds Therapy, we believe in healing. We believe that every person on this earth is worthy of being cared for and nurtured in the process of becoming whole. We believe that connection is at the core of healing and that together we can forge a path to wellness. We believe that fostering deep connections begins with an understanding of the self and an awareness of our own strengths and limitations. We believe in kindness and compassion for all humans, animals, and nature. We believe that you are the master of your own journey, but you do not have to go alone. We believe in learning from one another and asking for help when we need it. We believe in growth without limits and the belief that there is always more to know. We believe that we will make mistakes and that each mistake holds an opportunity if we are willing to see it. We believe in collaboration over competition and that we all have something unique to offer. We believe in gratitude and we value celebrating one another for each step along the way. Above all, we believe that we all deserve a chance to feel heard, to be seen, and to know that we are understood.

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