Top 12 Self-Help Books for 2019

There is no denying that I am a life-long learner. I loved school growing up and attended seven years of college. Additionally, I chose a career that requires continued education and encourages constant self-development and improvement.

But there is also no denying that I live a full and busy life. I don’t always make time to sit down and read, but I do enjoy it when I can make it happen. For now though, audio-books and podcasts provide me with thought-provoking insights and help keep me feeling creative and inspired. I love using both Audible and Libby for listening on the go and I try to make time to read a hardcover here and there as well.

Each of the books on this list offer opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and a chance to examine and challenge your habits, mindset, and beliefs in order to help you see what areas need work to help you live your best life.

Here at Tailwinds Therapy, we are all about helping you move forward.

Below are the twelve books that I have personally read this year and would recommend to anyone looking for personal development. Now, I have to say that a few of these I actually read in 2018 and RE-READ this year because they were just so good– and there are several more that I also read that didn’t make this list–but don’t worry, they will pop up in other blog posts in the future!

For now, let’s roll:

Girl, Stop Apologizing — Rachel Hollis

In “Girl, Stop Apologizing” Rachel Hollis delivers a heavy dose of humble to all the female (and male) goal-getters out there. She shares her passion and will ignite you with a sense of “I got this” while also reconciling with the parts of us that are human and feel delicate and shameful. I’ve read/listened to this book more than once and it is a MUST-READ for any budding entrepreneur or anyone chasing after a dream. Plus, Rachel is the reader in the audio version and her personality shines through. I truly love when audio-books are read by the authors.

Girl, Wash Your Face — Rachel Hollis

“Girl, Wash Your Face” is the precursor to “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and is equally worth the time to read. I found this book as a fresh look at understanding ourselves while recognizing all the hats we wear as we navigate this world. Rachel addresses work, family, personal trauma, marriage, sex, and motherhood to help us see that sometimes when life knocks us down we just need to wash our face and carry on with pride.

You Are A Badass –Jen Sincero

Ok, I’m not going to lie. This may be my favorite book. Like, ever. Jen Sincero is a no-nonsense writer who will call you out on your bullsh*t and have you examining your life in a whole new way. She curses like a sailor and gets right down to business. At the same time, she helps you recognize the power you hold within and gives you realistic steps to begin changing the way you think to create the life you want to live. I listen to this book a few times a year and have also enjoyed the other two books that followed (“You Are a Badass At Making Money” and “You Are a Badass Everyday”). And did I mention she reads her own book? Even better!

Atomic Habits — James Clear

I listened to Atomic Habits this summer and expected to find it to be like a textbook talking about the intricacies of how our brains work and how habits are formed. Instead, I found myself instantly hooked and immediately examining the habits in my life that need work. Now, granted, I haven’t re-shaped my life in all the ways I plan to, but this book definitely helped me to see the ways I can start chipping away at my old habits and how to set myself up for success with forming new ones!

Capital Gaines –Chip Gaines

I love me some Chip and Jo. Who doesn’t? In Capital Gaines, Chip shares about stupid things he has done both personally and professionally and the lessons he has learned through them. He also sheds light about following your intuition, trusting yourself, and taking risks. As a bonus, you’ll get a good laugh listening to him share his stories.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone –Lori Gottlieb

Ok, I have to be honest, I haven’t finished this one just yet, but I can already tell you that it is so SO good. I had seen several therapists recommend this book, but I did not anticipate how much I would love the story line. Lori shares about her experiences in being a therapist and seeking therapy for herself during a particularly challenging time in her life. This might come as a shock to you, but yes, therapists go to therapy too. Lori offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at therapy and opens the doors for all of us to take a closer look within ourselves.

How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids — Jancee Dunn

Catchy title, right? When I gifted this to a friend at her baby shower I joked that it comes highly recommended by a Marriage and Family Therapist for first time parents. I wasn’t really joking though. As a mother and wife, this book provides a realistic look at how relationships can change after having children and how both parties can work on themselves to make it all work. While Jancee’s issues may not directly reflect your own, there is much to be gained from this book in examining your own relationship and communication styles. I should mention that this book does dip into some taboo topics so you might want to save the audio-book for when little ears aren’t in the car with you!

Get Smart –Brian Tracy

This book was one of those quick, easy reads that left me feeling like I could apply the principles right away. Straightforward and full of research, “Get Smart” examines how people with successful and high-paying careers live their lives and helps you see the ways you can do the same.

The Wisdom of Sundays — Oprah Winfrey

Super Soul Sundays is one of my favorite podcasts and when I listened to the audio-book of this I fell in love. At the time, I didn’t have a clue what the hard-copy looked like and never considered buying it. Last Christmas however, I was gifted this from my mother. Inside, I was delighted to see such beautiful photography and inspirational snippets from the many deep conversations Oprah has had with a variety of professionals, spiritual leaders, celebrities, and authors. It is thought provoking and really can change your life.

The Path Made Clear — Oprah Winfrey

Similar to “The Wisdom of Sundays,” Oprah’s “The Path Made Clear” contains phenomenal photography mixed with conversations from her Super Soul Sunday interviews. In this book, however, she highlights the path we take in discovering and following our true passion. This and “The Wisdom of Sundays” are often the books I pick up when I need some help setting intentions first thing in the morning and are fabulous to just pick up, open a page, and see what inspiration is waiting for you.

Everything Is Figureoutable — Marie Forleo

Oh Marie. I almost feel embarrassed now saying I didn’t know who Marie Forleo was when I first heard about her book. She was being interviewed on a different podcast and I liked the concept she shared about everything in life being “figureoutable.” This is her personal mantra and aligns with the idea that there is no problem out there that cannot be solved. And, if you really think about it, when you have that kind of mindset NOTHING can stand in your way.

Decluttering At The Speed of Life

Ok, so everyone is all about sparking joy and Marie Kondo, but I just don’t live like that. In “Decluttering At The Speed of Life” Dana White shares easy ways to cut down on the clutter and how to be impartial while deciding what stays and what needs to go. Dana is a blogger and has an awesome website called aslobcomesclean.com — I mean, who doesn’t want to check that page out? And it doesn’t require asking yourself what sparks joy or emptying every room of your house to get down to business. Her other book, “How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind,” she also shares helpful ways to get on top of your cleaning habits to keep your home more manageable.

What Do You Do With A Problem? — Kobi Yamada

And my bonus book– “What Do You Do With A Problem?”

This book came as a gift for my children this summer, but I suspect that it was truly meant for me. At the time I was hit with a curveball that left me feeling stuck and unsure what to do with a problem I faced in my life. The book was gifted under the premise that I would enjoy reading it to my children as I love books with therapeutic value, but the first time I read it to them I found myself crying and changing the perspective I was holding onto about the problem I was facing. You see, in every problem lies an opportunity. You just have to look for it.

So there you have it. My twelve favorite books of 2019 and a bonus read for both you and your littles when life hits you with a curveball.

Now it is your turn! I want to know– What books are you loving right now?

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